We, at VITECO, are very passionate for the new project #MissionEurope!
Our Crew is made up of young and professional people who tackle every working challenge with passion and eagerness. This crew will develop a web app with online casual mini-games and monthly polls about EP’s policies, issues and main debates, accompanied by a Social Media Campaign.
We come from 2 different Worlds:
EPO team Mission Europe

In the European Project Office (EPO) live professionals who know European Union very well.
They are obsessed with EU matters and always come up with an excuse to write and manage new innovative projects.

ICT & MKT Mission Europe

The ICT & Marketing Lab is populated by Nerds who are addicted to technologies and enjoy their free time playing videogames and designing Apps.
Their daily bread and butter is conceiving marketing strategies which allow them even to sell ice to Eskimos.

All together we reached the perfect balance between experience and the continuous curiosity about the latest digital products. We love creativity, innovation and participation: three elements that you will find in #MissionEurope for sure. Creativity is the driving force of our projects in general, Innovation is a necessary ingredient for a successful project and Participation is our main goal.
You can read more about us and other interesting projects on our website vitecoelearning.eu and follow VITECO on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest news from the ICT world.