#MissionEurope is the European project that aims at increasing curiosity and engagement of young people’s interest towards the decisional process and role of the European Parliament with an edutainment approach. The project promotes and spreads information about EP’s activities and achievements among young people, thanks to the helpful combination of the most common Social Networks and EP’s official communication channels.
Young people will be invited to play funny quiz games and guess what are the main things that keep European Parliament Members busy every month.
The idea came from the fact that young people seem not to be interested in EP and are less likely to vote than adults. Researches reveal that the reason behind very high rates of young people not voting in European elections lays in the mutual distrust between political parties and young people. High youth absenteeism at EP elections is directly linked to the failure of political parties to address young people and youth issues and overall lack of focus on this target group in their campaigns.
For these reasons, the team of VITECO imagined a solution that combines information and entertainment to put young people in contact with the European Parliament.

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